Random STUFF

I tend to (somehow) fall upon some random and nifty stuff online.. here are some things to check out:


dan churchill


Not only is he a TOTAL babe! But this Auzzie (who was on Masterchef) is now living in America and gives out TONNES of free recipes and workouts, is super healthy and has an excellent array of cook books out there. Oh and did I mention he is easy on the eye..?! 😉 Click HERE to check out his website.


lori harder mag


Lori has been an inspiration of mine. She is a self made millionaire, does the same nutritional cleansing system as I do, is a cover and fitness model, has truly amazing podcasts and runs a 60 day online fitness challenge. She is also great to follow on Instagram stories. If your like me and quite like the whole Instagram stories type of thing.. Check out her website HERE.

Andrea – Project Self



Ever have those days where your mind is playing tricks on you? Or that the voice inside your mind (I call my it Mrytle) is being so negative it stops you from doing the things you want to do? Welcome to the mindfulness coaching of Andrea. The Bloody Good Life ‘Project Self‘ is all about teaching your mind to be clear of the negative thoughts, and the road blocks which stop you from moving forward. She does some amazing programs and is very relate-able (perhaps because she is a fellow kiwi?!). Check her out HERE.

Layla Martin



This lady is a sex goddess. She has MANY free video’s on how to spice things up in the bedroom, or how to just reconnect with your partner. While I haven’t done any of her courses yet, I can only imagine they are something to write home about.. well not literally. That could be a little uncomfortable for whoever you are writing to.. ha. And while you are checking her out, also google Kim Anami – another sex coach who has multiple courses and videos on line. Both have unique tips and tricks.


gary vee
Words can’t describe this guru of online guru’s. He is a legend, and a serious motivator. If your into the entrepreneurial world, this is the guy for you! His podcast’s and YouTube clips are amazing, his Instagram live stories go OFF and he is one of the bluntest, clever and hardest working people out there. Check him out HERE.


peta kelly

Peta is a mentor of mine. She is a self made millionaire and now spends her days motivating and mentoring entrepreneurs, network marketers, business builders.. basically anyone who is into self development or looking to branch out of the 9-5 grind. Look her up on Facebook and follow her. She is amazing to watch on stage, often cuts right to the core and offers advice which allows you to expand your mind and inspire you to get off your butt and aim for higher grounds. Oh and she is a vegan, born Auzzie and married an American, completely humble and a total babe. Seriously.



Hula Hooping for Adults. Yup it’s a thing. And a DARN cool one. Deanne Love is absolutely amazing and has SO many FREE tutorials on how to hoop it’s mind blowing. I couldn’t recommend this sport more if I tried, it’s an amazing party trick and if you want to blow people’s minds, learn to hoop and bring it out when people least expect. If you are looking to purchase one, I sell travelling ones, and if you are not in New Zealand I can help find people who sell them overseas. The hooping community welcomes anyone NEW 🙂