Increasing Sport Performance

WHY do this??

If you are a sceptic, welcome to my world! That was me, BIG TIME. If you are open to trialling something to help get in shape, then you are a bloody legend. Before I was introduced to this I was harping the phrase “you only need REAL food, everything in moderation“, meanwhile I was exercising LOADS, eating veges, fruit, normal food, with the occasional crackers, chips and booze. Standard right? Yet I really lacked energy, still didn’t feel that comfortable in my own skin, wanted to get rid of my stomach and struggled to sleep. I love coffee so was hammering them everyday (sometimes 2 – 3 or more..) and by the afternoons I was nearly nodding off in front of the computer. Then my friend TRICKED me into going to an event where NORMAL everyday people like you and I were at. And these stories of people’s lives being transformed inspired me SO much (better skin, better nails, energy and athletic performance increased, sleeping better, financially free, and shredding fat) I decided to get off my HIGH horse and give it a go. Plus it was a 30 day money back guarantee so at least I knew if it didn’t work, I could send it back. And low and behold, 30 days later.. my energy levels were through the ROOF, I had lost 5kgs within two weeks, lost inches and was sleeping better.

I have now been using the products for over two years now and it just get’s better and better. Particularly as my sport performance has gone through the roof. So far every race is a PB and my recovery is fast. I am forever grateful my friend introduced me to it. Thanks Mez 🙂

Do you EAT REAL food?

Yes. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you aren’t eating real food. You still get to eat the food you love, while adding in more nutrients into your diet. It’s not about starving yourself, it’s about getting rid of the toxins, and bringing in better quality nutritious food. And if you are a busy person, my GAWD it is easy. So much so you don’t have to think about EVERY single meal of the day, instead you can wiz some meals up in a blender and away you go. And yes it fills you up.. which is another surprise feature.

But it contains SUGAR. Isn’t that bad if I want to lose weight??

Most people who use this system reduce their sugar intake significantly. A typical person (who eats on average 120 grams of sugar per day) who switches to this system reduces their intake of sugar by 60%. Each meal contains less sugar than an apple, and is all natural, so no refined sugar as such. Every cell in our body requires sugar in the form of glucose for it’s basic metabolism and is a fuel source for our nervous system, brain and immune system. The key is to BALANCE the use of controlled amounts of sugar to help achieve a healthy diet rich in other nutrients such as protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Before and After..

This is me. Before I started, and 2 years down the track. For me it’s a lifestyle thing, rather than a quick fix. I myself was quite surprised when I took this photo as I had been drinking most weekends and had just been incorporating the system into my day to day life without being too serious about my eating habits and was no longer lifting any weights. 2017 however, is going to be more of a serious year for me. My goal is to get rid of my stomach. Completely. And up the weight training. Shredded here we come!

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