Hi my name is Lucy. I am a normal, everyday gal who lives in New Zealand and grew up playing Sport such as tennis, netball, swimming, horse riding, skiing and every other sport you play for fun at school. Surrounded by three brothers and growing up on a farm meant I was exposed to all sorts of sport, and typically rugby and cricket were big in our household. Since then I have worked in the Sport Event Management world and have seen some incredible sports in both Winter and Summer Olympics, have worked at Wimbledon and was inspired to take up the sport of Hula Hooping, have represented New Zealand in Minigolf (yes it’s true, and NO I am not a Minigolf superstar! Although I am ranked 91 in the world for the ladies.. I won’t tell you however, how many people are ranked…ha), have run a couple of marathon’s (Paris & Milan) and have recently completed a half ironman.

I am not one of those super skinny gals, in fact like lots of gals, I have been through many battles with my weight and confusion of what on earth is OK to eat as the media markets everything to us in a sneaky way. And I am not gonna lie – I fricken love eating food! My friend introduced me to a nutritional cleansing program which has been a game changer for me – my energy levels have skyrocketed, I have lost 10cm’s round my stomach, I sleep better and my athletic performance has increased which has surprised me the MOST. My health goals are still a work in progress, but it’s amazing to find a system that allows me to still eat the foods I LOVE and still shred inches.

My inspirations come from Dr. Libby, Sarah at I Quit Sugar, Ben Warren, Dan Churchill (Maaassive BABE!) and Annabel Langbein. As you can guess here – I LOVE food. Who doesn’t right? I love cooking food, eating food and RAW food. I believe in finding what works for you and what feels good. That goes with the sport’s field. I am one of those people who loves almost every sport and if I could afford to do them all I would. Yoga, pilates, crossfit, F45, Les Mill’s classes, cycling, running, swimming, hula hooping, netball, tennis.. the list goes on. And my New Year’s resolution this year is to take up a new sport – I’ve decided it’s Mountain Biking.

What’s your sport of choice?