Elimination Diet starts..

And so it begins.

The elimination diet.

To find out what preservatives I am reacting to.

I’ve done my fair share of diets, and this one is by far the toughest. Anything that tastes good – is pretty much banned. No really.


The only fruit I am allowed is pears… veges include leeks, iceberg lettuce, spring onions, shallots, brussel sprouts.. a little bit of carrot, potato or sweet potato.. eggs is on the ‘yes; list.. rice, butter, cream cheese, greek yogurt and rice crackers.. Honestly, that is about it. No sauces, no spices and no herbs. And not much fruit and vege.

It’s BORING. But temporary. (Hopefully!)

My dietitian told me I could have withdrawal symptoms and I got off to a rocky start. Day 2 I came down with a head cold (I take cleanse stuff to stop getting sick and was suddenly NOT allowed to take it), and I wasn’t sure if this was me ‘withdrawing’ or what was going on. So anyway I battled through a niggly headache and used my fair share of tissues. I actually got so sick of being sick, I took some cleanse stuff so managed to see the outskirts of it pretty quickly… but the cleanse is not part of this elimination program.. so that was FAIL ONE.

FAIL TWO came pretty close behind. There are a number of social occasions that are difficult to follow a program like this on. One being the Melbourne Cup. It’s basically the biggest party of the year for many companies.. and our company was no exception – unlimited wine and beer.. Followed by preservative filled food, a band and an after party. I even did the whole “hey can I quickly check the back of the wine bottle for the label” in hopes that maybe it was preservative free wine. Don’t be silly – Of course not.. so if you can’t beat them.. join them..

melb cup

So yep, the paella, wine and pizza weren’t quite on the ‘yes list’.. I am pretty sure I am paying for it now though, because 2 nights later I can’t sleep because I am scratching my legs so much.

The thing that surprises me the most about doing this condition I have, is how common it is. The allergy place I go to has a ONE year wait-list! ONE YEAR! Is this why so many people have allergies now, because of the preservatives and crap they are putting in our food? And then marketing it as food? I get they are trying to make a profit, but what about the humane part of people’s health?

I am also battling with having to do SO much meal prep – I am not used to this. I am all about convenient food which is tasty and healthy, and this diet is not convenient. Rice is pretty much my best mate and when I do a big cook up, the meals will only last me a few days.. when it used to last me the entire week dam it! (I take my hat off to people who do this ALL the time!)

And I forgot how boring (and actually tasteless) porridge is.. I haven’t had it for years, and I used to love it! Although according to my work mate (and flat mate), you need a TRUCK load of brown sugar with porridge to make it taste good.. ha.

I am now using ‘fatty cream’ for my skin and some other lotion. To be fair, I think it is helping. It’s itching situation is much better then what it was a few weeks ago. But it’s still not fixed. I am no longer cutting my feet into open wounds – that’s a plus right?!


Anyway, this was not meant to be a rant. Kinda sounds like one. Soz. And maybe it is. Being restricted to this level is HARD. But I got myself to this position all by myself. I ate too much crappy food. Now I need to fix it. It’s mental right. And it’s the social occasions which are going to trip me up. It will be the wine. The DAM wine. I try to stick to gin, but when occasions like Melbourne Cup come along, it’s all about that wine.

Anyway, this itchy business needs to be sorted before the festive season comes along.. It’s been about 5 months now. 5 months of feeling like your skin is crawling, and come Christmas it will be a mass influx of preservatives. Let’s be honest here!

But here’s to starting this elimination diet. And hopefully finding a solution…



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