The 5 second rule.. and not the food kind.

One of my friends recently messaged me and said: “I’ve read a book, and it has literally changed my life, I am SO much more productive now“…

And these kind of words are something I hear A LOT in the network marketing industry, so I generally I take it with a grain of salt.. HOWEVER, given he is a good friend of mine I decided to start watching the YouTube clip he had sent me (50 mins long) while I was getting ready for the day one morning, and within 5 mins I was gripped.. and intrigued..

This 5 second rule is ACTUALLY a game changer. Seriously.

mel 5

My initial words were – “sounds like when you drop food on the ground..”.. and tell me, is that what you thought too??

So what it really is.. basically a tool that can help you with everyday life.

So everyday we make decisions right… decision to put the snooze button on.. decision to NOT go to the gym.. decision to reach for the muffin.. well this rule is all about changing this.

You have 5 seconds before your mind will start playing tricks on you, and will put doubt into your mind. So what you need to do is count backwards from 5.. like a rocket ship. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – GO (or BLASTOFF to make it fun). And on GO, you change what you are doing… so you jump out of bed, walk away from the muffin, get changed for the gym.. and sometimes it won’t be easy.. in fact, MOST of the time it won’t be easy. But if you start making these small decisions, then your end goal will become easier.

So let’s say your goal is to lose weight, or tone up, and you ultimately want to go to the gym 5 times this week, or get up when your alarm goes off and get out of bed to go for a run rather than hit the snooze button and lye in. So once your alarm goes off, countdown from 5….. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 GO. Jump out of bed. Yes it will be cold, but you are up and so you may as well put your gym gear on. Do this every single morning and you are one step closer to your end goal..

If you want to know more, watch her video on this theory… this lady is the bomb diggity.

Baby steps to a giant goal..



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