Emily and the Black Sticks hockey adventures..

emily gaddam profile

Emily Gaddum (nee Naylor) aka Em, Emz, Mossy (don’t ask her why)

WHO SHE IS: Emily grew up Palmy North, New Zealand and although I personally met her on the tennis court (and quite a handy player she is), she soon found her niche on the hockey turf. While at secondary school she played for the NZ under 18’s hockey team where in one series she played Australia with a broken hand!! Like the girl version of Richie.. no pain no gain right?!

She was soon selected as part of the Olympic team (at the early age of 18!), and has played at the Athens, Bejing and London Olympics for NZ. She has competed in Commonwealth Games (Melbourne & Delhi), played club level in the Netherlands for three seasons, has played in Woman’s Champions Challenges, has co-captained the Black Sticks and at the London Olympics she played her 200th cap for the Black Sticks.. how epic is that!!

But what you may not know about her – when you meet her, you will discover that she is one of the most humble, beautiful, down to earth and genuine people you will ever meet. Despite these amazing titles, she is incredibly modest, will happily take time out of her day to chat with you, and ALWAYS has a smile on her dial. She is now not only an Olympic ambassador, but has turned her passion for hockey into coaching and supporting charity events and lives in the mighty Hawkes Bay.

em gad backs

SO WHY hockey Em???

I started hockey when I was 6 as my two older brothers both played and decided it looked fun. I love team sports where you are all working together and I love the pace of hockey. I also loved playing hockey as there were so many new skills to learn and the game is constantly improving and changing. I tried netball but was no good as I kept stepping, so thought hockey was the sport for me! I think everyone should give it a go, even if you start with social Summer hockey. It is fun, fast and doesn’t matter what size you are, everyone can give it a go. I am passionate about the sport and think it is under rated in N.Z. Our Women’s Black Sticks team (which I have been a part of for 12 years now) is ranked 4th in the world and is a real medal chance this year at Rio. I was inspired to play at an Olympic Games when I was young and was fortunate enough to make the Olympics at 18 and since then been to three Olympic Games. Now I am having a break from International hockey due to having my first child early next year I want to give back to the game and get into coaching kids and encourage more and more people to give hockey a go.

em married
Em and Harry on their wedding day

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