Janelle and her Endurance Motorcross Events..


Hello! My name is Janelle and I live in Taupo, New Zealand and race in competitive endurance Motocross events. So what that means is: I ride Motocross bikes but the course is set up for the bush / farms and I ride for hours rather than minutes. Its slower than Motocross but requires more skill and technique as well as physical and mental endurance.

HOW did you get into it??

My Husband Tim got me into it, and I thought it would beat staying at home by myself while he’s out riding. As soon as I hoped on a motorbike I was ADDICTED. That was 9 years ago, and I have never looked back..

WHY do you do what you do??

Riding a Motocross bike is such an adrenaline rush. It’s definitely not easy and it takes time and effort to develop fitness and skills. I’ve had moments of joy and disappointment but somehow, I’ve just managed to get to where I am today. Perseverance is KEY, and if you feel like you’re not getting anywhere, keep trying and use that to fuel your motivation. There isn’t a huge amount of women riding, but it is becoming more popular and accepted which is exciting. I’ve had moments where men don’t accept that females can ride a dirt bike as good as them, but I also use this to push me to prove them wrong!

For this sport, women help each other to persevere and up skill one another. We band together to support and encourage, and even during racing we are competitive but will have respect and help each other out. And from this you make some great friends for life. This sport has given me so much motivation to keep fit and healthy as I enjoy keeping fit, and having recently changed my career to become a Personal Trainer I can now pass this knowledge to those looking to change their life for the better. I have goals to compete overseas, but time will tell – it’s where and for what I need to decide.

janelle group photo

WHAT have been some career highlights so far??

One of my most memorable moments was when i finished an event called “no way in hell” and was one of two females ONLY to do it in New Zealand. It was a tough day was stoked to be able to do it. And others..

  • I have won the last 5 years with another team mate in a 4 hour teams race
  • I have won a few 6 hour races with team mates
  • I came 3rd in last years Tarawera 100
  • And just recently I won the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) series

Those are my my biggest achievements so far, but more is yet to come… 🙂

janelle trophy

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