Sacha Jones and REAL YOU..


SACHA JONES – co-founder of AND professional tennis player.

Sacha is currently based in Auckland, and has traveled the world as a professional tennis player for twelve years. She spent much of her time living in Florida (the tennis mecca of the world) and trained at the IMG Academy.

What is it you do Sacha??

Being a former professional tennis player myself, I talk about the life of an athlete but more importantly the mental well being of young women. We developed RealYou because we are passionate about self-love, acceptance, and taking care of your mind and body through stress reducing routines, meditation and receiving support from our in house counselor (Stephanie Hughes) and myself as a mentor!

How did you get into the RealYou?

I played tennis from the age of 3 and won the NZ Champs four times, and a career highlight was reaching the number one ranking in NZ! Steph and I started RealYou because as teenagers we realised a way to overcome challenges was through the helping hand of a person we trusted – so we decided to offer the same help to young women through our online forum, public speaking, work shops and face-to-face support.

WHY do you do what you do??

I played tennis because it was always my dream to become the best tennis player I could be. It taught me about work ethic, dedication, and my passion took me to corners of the world I’d had only dreamt of visiting!

However, it came with challenges such as pressure, depression and body image difficulties. This is exactly WHY we started RealYou – to help others who may be going through the same thing! Tennis taught me to become in tune with my body, and gave me respect for how incredible our bodies truly are. It taught me about confidence and problem solving and I met some amazing people along the way. I am so grateful for all my experiences in sport, and for the support I received as it has shaped me into the person I am today. I’m so incredibly passionate about RealYou and giving back to other athletes and non-sports people. Our aim is to grow even further so we can start work shops and inspire young women to grow their inner confidence.

My other personal goals for the year are to be less judgmental, improve my fitness and over all health through upping my exercise and eating a healthier diet (with less sugar, eek!).  I also like to meditate for an hour everyday and I hope to deepen my commitment to that practice so I can become quieter and clearer in my mind.

Just enjoying a laugh at my own joke 🙄❤ Had a fun time speaking at the St Mary's College Year 13 breakfast this morn @realyou_insta
Talking openly about experiences and challenges can feel daunting at times, (especially in front of a few hundred people!). But seeing how it resonates with other young women going through similar things, whether it be body image, confidence or a feeling of not belonging, and how it inspires them to feel stronger and more compassionate makes it feel so worthwhile #selflove


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