Tennis – Should Men & Women be paid the same??


The Australian Open has just wrapped up and BOY O BOY it was a goodie!! On one hand I’m sad we no longer get to watch the top players battle it out, but on the other hand, I’m a little glad I get my sleep back. I am one of those border-line-crazy-about-tennis people. For me, the Auzzie grand slam is the best one – great time zone for us kiwi’s (except getting to bed at 2am isn’t  as convienent!), the on-court fashion show, the buzz of the crowd and of course, the actual tennis. Everyone always brings their 100% A game.

So let’s take the Auzzie Open for example, both Roger Federer and Serena Williams will take home a cheeky $3.7 mill each for taking out the singles title. Definitely worth jumping up and down about. While Rafa Nadal and Venus Williams in the runner-up position receive a casual 1.85 mill cheque each. Serena and Venus graced the screens for 1.5 hours and played 2 sets (best of 3), while Roger and Rafa played for 4 hours and played 5 sets. If you watched either or both of these, which excited you the most? I am guessing the men’s. And arguably it was the dream scenario to have a Rafa and Rodger battle it out so most of the tennis community were glued to the game (which was FREAKING amazing by the way!), but WHY do the top men and women, who don’t play the same amount of tennis, who don’t draw the same amount of crowd, and who don’t battle it out in similar time frames, get PAID the same??

Now I am all about equality, but this is ridiculous.

Of course there would be a serious backlash if they changed the prize money to match the length of these games, and I commend the tennis association’s for bringing in equality, however, to make it more equal, why aren’t the ladies playing best of 5 sets? If you want 3.7 mill, fricken play another set for it. The amount of times a third setter has done a reverse in the entire game makes it interesting, it keeps things alive, and if it doesn’t – then it’s all over anyway.

I say – if you want equal pay, then you need to step up to the plate and earn it. Because it’s not like the women can’t. THEY BLOODY WELL CAN. They are fit as buggery. And for receiving $50 k for simply making it to the first round of the Auzzie Open this year, it’s at least worth playing an extra set on court.

That’s what I think anyway. And I am a women. What do you think??



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