What’s with wheat??

A number of weeks ago a documentary appeared in my inbox – ‘What’s with Wheat‘. We were given a deadline to screen it for ‘free’ and sure enough I managed to watch it in the nick of time..

Now, I have been involved with a nutritional cleansing company for over a year and they talk ALOT about toxins in the environment and our food in today’s society, but it wasn’t until I watched this documentary that the penny REALLY dropped.. I thought living in New Zealand that we were quite far removed from the everyday toxins, but turns out it’s not the case..

Essentially what did I get out of this documentary?? That wheat is no longer wheat. Wheat is now made up of toxins such as pesticides and toxic spray. Eg. Round Up. Have you seen that in someone’s back yard? No doubt at some point. Well you are eating it too. Back in the day when our parents were running around  kicking footballs, wheat wasn’t made up of sprays, it wasn’t massed produced to keep up with consumption, and it wasn’t in most aisles in the supermarket. But now, the only way wheat producers can keep up with demand, is to make it stay around for longer. Like something fake. Fake, toxins that you feed to your children. And WHAT is wheat in?? Pretty much EVERYTHING.

So I decided I was going to do a challenge for myself – 30 days without wheat. And the bigger challenge – if I failed a day, I had to restart. Right now – I am two months in, but back to day 12. How? I had some friends over and we made homemade pizzas. Tried to find gluten free pizza bases and didn’t want to make too much of big deal, so found what we could at the supie. Wheat.

I now find myself checking the back of packets looking for the key words ‘wheat, oats, rye, barley, spelt, ‘gluten free’ or ‘may contain traces of wheat’…. there has been a few times where I naturally reached for things without blinking an eye, like the other day I was at a friend’s house and a quick late night dairy run produced some ‘snakes alive’.. thinking nothing of it, I casually had a couple. Who doesn’t like snakes alive?! Then suddenly I realised I needed to check the packet! Low and behold..WHEAT.. and the chocolate – also WHEAT! The only thing that was Gluten free was the popcorn..sheesh! Knowing my mistake, the next day at a conference I found myself googling the ingredients of the complimentary ‘mentos’ which were on our tables. And not surprising they were also off limits. I was starting to get the hang of this.. Basically cancel out the sweet, chocolate and biscuit aisle in the supermarket.. but probably a good thing anyway. I even had to be the weirdo in the corner at this conference asking for the ‘Gluten Free’ option, which to my surprise – was darn tasty and not really a hassle.

Luckily most places offer a ‘Gluten Free’ option these days, so that part is easier than I expected. But the funniest part of this experiment is the first question everyone asks; ‘so hang on, what CAN you eat?’. But it’s not about what you can eat – because the list is actually quite long, it’s more like ‘what is CONVENIENT that I can eat?’, because that is the part everyone wants. Convenience. And not having to think about what to cook at each meal. We live in a world where time and ‘busy-ness’ is our biggest battle field, and convenience is what we want. Because who isn’t ‘BUSY’ these days?!

So how do you avoid the wheat and toxins? Simple. Be organised. Go for organic veges, fruit and meat, go for raw food, do Paleo, I quit sugar, vegan, what ever works for you. Hell the nutritional programme I do is so bloody convenient I don’t have to think about much meal prep, toxins and wheat – freaking jackpot! But it’s all about what works for you, and if you want to be eating more Round Up or not.

So I challenge you to do 30 days ‘no wheat’. I guarantee it will be harder than you think. You may however, discover a new lease of energy, may sleep better, hell you may shed some inches but most importantly – you will have a whole new appreciation for those who suffer ‘for real’ with Gluten and wheat because in today’s society is it literally EVERYWHERE.

Good Luck out there!!

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