7 HOT Tips to keep the NY resolutions ALIVE..

New Year’s resolutions. You either love them or hate them. You either stick to them for about 6 weeks or you are super duper determined and SERIOUSLY put money where your mouth is. 2017 has started on a rocky slope of a downhill wizz for me – I had my prize possession glow-in-the dark hula hoops stolen from me (sounds ridic but they are about $200 each, sourced from America and given I don’t have any children – these are my children), strained my calf going for a casual run and then had my heart broken by a boy. And that was only 1 week in. Yikes! HOWEVER, when you start off low, things CAN only get better right?! I am still determined to make this year a turn around year – one which I put my health goals first and the rest will follow suit.

But how do we keep the resolutions ALIVE?? Some HAWT tips below..

1.Water. Sounds easy. But how much are you REALLY drinking? Numbers and liters are not my forte so I am going back to basics. 3 drink bottles. If I exercise – 4 drink bottles. Each day. Peeing like a racehorse is the initial reaction, but this all settles down when into the swing of things. You can also sneakily add more into your day with herbal tea (i vote peppermint!). Winner winner, chicken dinner.

2.Enter an Event. Put your money where you mouth is. Invest in yourself – so invest in an event. Whether it’s a half marathon, mini triathlon, crossfit event, swim race or something like Wanderlust festival where you get a chance to learn a new sport like slacklining or practice some yoga for a few days. Goals are key to keeping the focus on point. YES it is going to cost money, but YOU are worth it. And so are your GOALS.

3. Scheduling. Use Sunday as your goal setting and schedule day. Whether it’s planning what you are going to pack for lunch each day, meal plans or exercise plans. If you write it down, it is 80% MORE likely to happen. You remember how to write don’t you? Yas. Put pen to paper and schedule what’s happening. You could even add some highlighters in – woah getting a bit cray-cray!

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4. Meditate. Now this is something I resist. Quite a bit. The idea of sitting in silence for 10 – 15 mins a day seems to make my skin crawl a little and my chest close in. WHY? Because we live in such a stimulated environment and are constantly faced with messages, notifications, interruptions, this and that, it’s no wonder sitting with the phone on airplane mode and in silence is a struggle. 1 Giant Mind is a great app you can download which takes you through meditation days. If this is a real battle, you can start off with 2 – 3 a week, and see how you feel. If you don’t have a free moment in the day between work, exercise, scrolling and eating, aim for early morning before you rise or late at night winding down. And the good news is, with 1 giant mind you aren’t quite in silence – they have some low key soothing music which helps you easy into things. Your anxiety levels will thank you for it.

5. Stop making excuses. Don’t have time? Too busy? Scroll, scroll, scroll. It cracks me up when you ask someone how they are and their response is ‘I am just SOO busy’. Well yes, everyone is busy. Life is flashing before our facebook memory eyes. Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time’, change it to ‘It’s not my priority’, and see what happens. You may find a slight shift in your actions.

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6. Do a vision board. If you have goals in mind for the year, get creative and print out an A4 sheet with pictures on it. Or cut some pictures out of a magazine and stick it on a sheet. Pop it on your wall and look at it daily. The power of the mind is amazing. If you have that idea, the only thing that is holding you back is YOU. Start with believing and visualizing.

7. Go for spirits and soda. If your social calendar is filling up and like most of us – your partical to a drink or two, go for the spirits and soda water option. Add in some fresh lemon or lime and VOILA it’s almost TOO easy to drink.. Rehydrating while dehydrating right? 😉

And don’t forget to have FUN. Smile, crank that music up if it gives you an extra spring in your step. Do a little dance while you are waiting for the jug to boil.

And as the saying goes..

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